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Scrapbook Collection Kit | paper pack for scrapbooking | Everlasting Memories paper collection

Our Scrapbook Collection Kit is perfect for the DIY scrapbooker. It has 3 sizes of thick premium quality scrapbook papers with 2 motif sheets in each pack.

It allows you to create your very own scrapbook paper collection that is unique. If you are just getting started with scrapbooking Everlasting Memories paper collection is perfect for you!


Love-Themed Paper Collection| Premium Quality Papers For Scrapbooking

To get the inspiration you can check out this video. The scrapbook is made using Everlasting Memories The Vow For Love paper pack.

For someone who is just starting out scrapbooking, you are probably looking for the easiest method to organizing your scrapbooking supplies. You will find that our scrapbook collection kit is easy to use, but still gives you the feel of a high-quality product.

Each of the papers is thick yet easy to cut, so you can focus more of your time on designing your scrapbook. The Love-themed paper collection offers a dozen sheets of various patterns for creating do-it-yourself photo albums, scrapbooks, calendars, cards, and other projects.

The kit includes 12×12-inch, 8×8-inch, & 6×6-inch  premium-quality papers; 2 sheets each paper 22 sheets in a pack including 2 motif sheets, all in the Love theme.

Let your imagination run wild with the scrapbook collection kit with motifs ranging from flowers and hearts.

Mix and match the designs to create your own look. The motif sheets have floral designs that are great for framing, but are also great for cutting out and gluing onto photo frames!


  • Contains 12×12-inch, 8×8-inch, 6×6-inch The Vow For Love Paper pack.
  • 10 unique designs 2 sheets per design.
  • 2 motif sheets included.
  • Total 22 sheets in a pack.
  • Paperweight: 300 GSM

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Weight 1280 g


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